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Your honest and personal opinion on Atavism?

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Hello all,

    I was hoping to get the honest opinion from developers who have been using the new Atavism. From what I understand (remember hearing) the server side is Java and closed source? I have been working on building my own SMORPG (small) for quite a while now within Unity. I really like the Photon standalone server framework with their Operations and Events system but didn't like how it was Windows based servers only, so I have been developing my own to mimic theirs. I finally got it working pretty much last night (Master server, Login, World, Social) after many months of learning and work. With all the hard work so far I am really only just getting started when it comes to the game as a whole, so it is rather enticing to see something like Atavism with all of its premade plugins for functionality and all that. 

    I am mostly worried about customization when it comes to the game in general. Be it world events, behavior of NPC's, how spells and abilities work, character customization, etc. How customizable is the system as a whole if say, you wanted to implement entire new game systems in which there is no plugin currently? I only really know C#, while I hear Java is quite similar, I would hate to have to jump back and forth a lot. 

    Really what it comes down to I guess is, for an actual developer who wants things their way as much as possible, is dropping $500 + worth it?




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I can speak not only from the position of the Atavism owner, but, before we took the project at the end of 2017 (we owned 3 Atavism licenses back then 2 x Ultra and 1 x Advanced), we were using Atavism for few years to make our own game which is still in the development: https://worldofheroes.pl/en. Base on Atavism the previous owner built its own game called Arcfall. You can find some information about them here: https://www.atavismonline.com/made-with-atavism

Basically, Atavism server side is close but only on low-level networking base, plugins sources are open and you can modify them because within the license you are getting their sources (AGIS).

Server-side is Java with few elements in Python, and client-side is Unity C# of course.

Depending on the level of customization you want to make, each Atavism element is designed with customization in mind, you can check plugins overview to see what they can offer: https://www.atavismonline.com/store/tutorials also you can read Atavism documentation: http://wiki.atavismonline.com/ or join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/z95htJA.

I encourage you to test our Atavism Live Demo which you can download from here: https://atavismonline.com/images/AtavismLiveDemo/AtavismDemo64.msi

There are also few developers which designed and implemented into their server logic their own plugins like Unistorm weather synchronization. In the latest version Atavism has a complete day / night and weather system synchronization in place which is system independent because we implemented Adams Goodrich WAPI free package to which you can connect not only one system but right now there is integration with Enviro, Tenkoku, CTS, Global Snow and more are on the horizon from other publishers. So the answer is yes, you can make your own plugin and change server logic or algorithms. 

In the end, right now we have Summer Sale with 20% discount for all Atavism Licenses, it's started a few days ago, so you shouldn't rush, take your time, get opinions of other developers and then you will be able to make a reliable decision.

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