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Modular Equipment?


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Hey all, I am looking to pick up Atavism and make sure its what I need for my project. Everythimg looks great so far but I am wondering if the system aĺlows for modular equipment out of the box or if I have to code that myself.

I purchased this asset from the store:


And will be buying Atavism soon. I would like to start using these equipment models for my characters.

Can the system replace models or does it just place them over top of the body? What I mean is, if I want to equip a platebody, can the system delete the current chest model then span the new platebody model? Or will I have to code that myself? If I simply spawn ome model on top of another they will clip through one another. Coding the removal shouldn't be hard, I am just wondering if it necessary or not

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Atavism supports two systems, traditional models which you mentioned and UMA.

For traditional models you can define elements, but there is no definition for base element, like you mentioned you have a body, and Atavism will equip some breastplate on top fot the default model, but if you will equip some leather chest it will remove the breastplate and equip the new item on top of the default body.

It's also important to have these elements in the same prefab/model to animate them properly.

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