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Difference between packages?


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I am looking to buy Atavism and start my project, but I don't quite understand the difference between the $30/month license and the $500 one time buy. It looks like you get the exact same thing with both packages, but the one time buy gets you 6 months of updates. Are they actually the same thing? If they are, why would I buy the $500 one time buy if I will just have to upgrade to $30/month after 6 months? Or will I never need to pay a monthly subscription with the one time buy? Or if I do the one time buy will I then just have to use the monthly maintenance plans?

I am just trying to find which package will work best for me but I don't see a real difference between the packages. Any help here would be great, the asset looks amazing!


[Edit] I think I understand how it works now, I think. It seems the $500 package is a one time buy and you can always set up a server for 100 CCU and have 6 months of updates. after the 6 months you will no longer have updates but you can still use Atavism tools and host your game. If I want to continue getting updates to the tools (which I definitely will) I will have to purchase the monthly maintenance package for $11/month.

the #30/month package will come with all the Atavism tools, and all updates, and ability to host a game, but if I want to cancel the project and not pay the $30/month I can easily cancel. When I want to come back I just have to get the $30/month license again and I'm good to go. But with this package I will also never have to purchase the maintenance packages.

Do I have everything correct?

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Yes, that's correct.

With the incoming update, there will be some changes in licensing, you can check it here 

Basically, 100 CCU will get an upgrade to 1000 CCU (no matter if you will purchase it now or later).
You will be able to run an unlimited number of servers and environments.
There will be one maintenance plan, independent on the license type or number of CCU.
There will be one permanent standard license 1000 CCU and if you will want to add more CCU, you will just stack them on top, and your CCU will be summed up.
There won't be back cover for maintenance, and there will be only 6 and 12 months plans, to simplify the process.

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