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first hour playing the demo, need a hearthstone !


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first reactions to atavism demo october 2019 intro is great, menus and gui looking better than before, the game interface looking very strong, quest text is tiny and also needs voice work. interacting with npcs is fiddly combat system seemed janky, orc cant use axe or sword to hit beetles? lava area was cool but then i went out of bounds and could not get back anywhere sensible WHERE IS MY SOUL STONE / scroll of town portal? /fixposition command?! Still looking good but could do with a bit more ergonomics and features.

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also was a bit fragile and crashing whilst trying to use video capture devices.

i imagine X is far more robust?

as far as i can see need some work on optimisation to avoid crashes and also a need for a more stripped down level for tutorials.

so people can build it up piece by piece otherwise there is a lot going on.



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Thank you for your feedback. You recorded a nice video.

Few elements I noticed:

1. Quest at first wasn't completed, because you didn't have enough space in the backpack. The message was presented on the screen.

2. When you tried to use ability you had information that you don't have required weapon. On the ability itself in the tooltip, there is information about the required weapon. During character creation you created warrior, so you should use greatsword weapon.

3. Lava map is mostly 1:1 from the Lava environment from Nature Manufacture, but we should definitely "close" it

4. We should definitely block spirit mode or add an NPC or region where you would be able to revive.

5. There is a list of commands available for you: https://wiki.atavismonline.com/project/playing-your-game/
The command which you were looking for was /stuck.

Crashed can be related to the hardware like GPU, drivers or memory usage, but I doubt they are related to the Atavism itself.

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