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Hello I'm pretty new to this whole online play thing, I know an MMO probably wasn't a good plan but I just wanted to make something for me and a small group of my DnD mates (about 50 people total) I was curious if people had any recommendations for where to host a server for Atavism. And to be blunt what was the easiest way to host a server online so it was always up, right now I can host on my PC but I struggle to allow other people to connect to it and it can't be on 24/7.


Any tips?


Sorry for the newbie question but a search of the forums didn't help


EDIT: I just noticed the thing at the bottom of this forums, for north networking, anyone had any experience with there Atavism plans? Are they good?

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Yeah, they appear to be relatively popular on the Discord. The Atavism team is looking into adding their own hosting plan in the future, so you'll have more choices that way. That said, there a bunch of community made tools for easy install, kind of lets you use any host you like so long as you get the necessary resources and ability to control your ports. You could also do the classic spare pc running 24/7 in the basement thing, but I totally get looking for a host. No matter what choice you choose, you can always move your install by backing up all of your server files and database and moving it out. No harm if you don't like where you start out.

As for the tool you decided, I actually think you made the right choice with Atavism. I am kinda planning the same thing as you, I'm making the game for my friends to play in, with their adventures providing the basis for me adding more. I think it's nice because you can spit out content relatively quickly, and you could get started right away (They might need some imagination without all the equip work being done, but coming from DnD, that shouldn't be too much of an issue haha). Atavism is nice because all the grueling work is done for you, and you can get straight to making your actual content.

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