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From 2.5.1 to 10.1.0 Is a MONUMENTAL Improvement =)


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So I remember some of the software that I am using now, and me being that type of guy that chases a bone...  and decided that I'd look to see if I had any assets on my NAS drive from the old versions.  Look at what I found...  I remember purchasing this and using it years ago. The differences are well, monumental. What I will say for anyone that reads this buy it. It's that simple. These developers have thought of just about everything. If you have to add something the code isn't very hard to follow. Imagine you make a giant salad with no dressing. (Salad being the software) and you want to add some spice to it. Write your scripts add them to the prefabs and BAM..  it's really that simple to add features that Atavism has not already thought of / implemented already.

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