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My question is about the Atavism software.  Since it's server compatibility does it require it to be connected to a server in order for it to work? I don't plan  on hosting anytime soon. So does it need to be set up to a server in order for it to work on unity Editor? My other question is some people might want to add their game to Steam. Is it possible to add to Steam or not? It has alot of futures that alot of people like including myself.  Some people might not want "Only" online connect to server play. Some people might want to build for Pc,Xbox, or Ps4 in the Unity Editor build section.  While having a server option available is fantastic. What I am asking is can I use Atavism for all platforms including PC,Xbox,Ps4 build sections. I like to have options to be able to build. 

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You can set up your server anywhere, even on your PC, but the Atavism server must have an internet connection to do license checks.

Yes, it's possible to publish your game on steam, one of the clients published his game called Arcfall, you can check it here https://store.steampowered.com/app/623310/Arcfall/

We haven't tested Atavism on Xbox nor PS, but I have no reasons to think that it wouldn't work.

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