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Is there documentation or videos that go over the socket and slot system for atavism? I imported a model from Iclone and I cant seem to get the weapons or clothing to work right. An example is the sword stays in the same spot, and i'm not sure how to get armor to equip (and show) while in game. I see the atavism mob appearance, and i think I understand it. But how do I get weapons to equip, and move while attacking like in the demo? Also, when I try to equip demo armor I get this error:
Could not load equipment display: Content/EquipmentDisplay/Uma/Ranger/UmaRanger02Upper 1 UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning(Object) Atavism.Inventory:LoadEquipmentDisplay(String) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismObjects/Scripts/Inventory.cs:317) Atavism.AtavismMobAppearance:UpdateEquipDisplay(String, String) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismObjects/Scripts/AtavismMobAppearance.cs:650) Atavism.AtavismMobAppearance:EquipPropertyHandler(Object, PropertyChangeEventArgs) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismObjects/Scripts/AtavismMobAppearance.cs:624) Atavism.AtavismObjectNode:OnPropertyChange(String) Atavism.AtavismObjectNode:UpdateProperties(Dictionary2) Atavism.AtavismGameWorld:HandleObjectPropertyHelper(Int64, Dictionary2) Atavism.AtavismGameWorld:HandleObjectProperty(BaseWorldMessage) Atavism.MessageDispatcher:HandleMessage(BaseWorldMessage) Atavism.MessageDispatcher:HandleMessageQueue(Int32, Int64) Atavism.MessageDispatcher:HandleMessageQueue(Int64) Atavism.AtavismClient:Update()
I realize this might have something to do with the different model I am using, as I am not using UMA, but either way, a video or documentation (or both) would be awesome. Is there someone that could point me to this?
Any links to videos and/or documentation would be great!
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The demo armor is designed to work with UMA, so this is more like an information log that it cannot be equipped on non-UMA character. UMA is a free asset store character customization system made by a wonderful team of people involved in game dev for quite a while. Here is a direct link https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/uma-2-unity-multipurpose-avatar-35611

Tutorials related tot he equipment are a bit outdated as the UMA was changed for the past months




or here I recorded a quick video on how to set a character with non-UMA items you can equip

On discord https://discord.gg/z95htJA you can find some channels related only to this element, and even some devs made some packages that can help you out with such configuration.

Also, in the demo there are configuration examples you can follow. They are in the Assets/Resources/Content/EquipmentDisplay directory


There are armors and weapons. Armors are only for UMA, because for non-UMA character in the demo we are using Challenger which is not modular character so equipping armors will only modify player's statistics and present icons in the inventory rather then change mesh, and visual aspects.

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