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Where are all the guides?


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Atavism promises the world but what they deliver is cryptic, broken and unsupported.  They have countless interfaces, prebuilt gui's, plugins, etc... but no guides what so ever on how to use them.  There is the atavism wiki which has maybe a few tutorials that cover maybe 2% of their code.  The rest is not covered at all.  Attribute types, ranges, values how they are linked or what the attributes even mean. 

This is supposed to be a template for others to use but without guidance or just a money sync for identical plug and play since no one can actually use 90% of what they deliver, unless there are hidden guides some where which are just not posted.  Does anyone have any idea if that is true as their own demo has 999+ issues straight off their site?

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I'm sorry that you think this way. We have over 100 tutorials and more than that documentation pages. With each release we are providing information about new modules and modified features as well as there are always some new tutorials, but I understand that there is always room to improve, and we are working on it. Some tutorials are outdated, but if something is subject to change, we are not recording them, as we know that within a month or two it will become obsolete again. Maybe it's a mistake, but this way we can optimize our work a bit and focus on other elements instead of recording videos for the same functionality multiple times.

If you have any issues with configuration or you don't know how to do it, just let us know, and we will help you the same as we are helping other devs using Atavism.

I'm not sure what you mean by 999+ issues and our demo. If you are having any issues just let us know and give us chance to help you fix them, that's for support is.

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