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Dungen or Dungeon Architect


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I have an old client, that is making a game with Atavism, I used to do work for him for his game. ( Retired from client work today).


but  he uses  this same asset.  What I had did for him, was, treat each map like ATAVISM does now.... but, if you want it to load different maps, add these to the server, set a number for each one you want loaded.  Now if you add different mechanics, and such that is another story.

But he had me add the ability to be able to have it load random maps, so we treated this and used a number from 1-100.. So it would let DA asset. make generate the random maps .  Then have atavism load in the maps once created..  So do most of the work outside of ATAVISM and make the connections needed IE, loading different maps.   


Right now Atavism loads its current maps.  Just make it so you can load, the maps randomly generated by DA. 



Keep it simple.


Making a game in Unreal, using DA myself, I used DA since the early days... break it down, in terms of how DA works....  and go from there.. for say a single player, then think of say how multi player works , and make the connections, according.. 

Alot of people start just tossing code together, and not understanding how something works. . So I always tell anyone i'm helping to learn how the code works, asset works, or tool works, then break it down to simple forms, and then add according.. Don't try to add to much at first , add the basics.. later add more as you understand things...

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