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Place Items in the World

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4 hours ago, Doxia Studio said:

- Can a claim be used by all players? 

Claims can be used by their owners and by players that were assigned to the claims with defined permissions, but there is no option to ad permission to everyone, at least not out of the box.

4 hours ago, Doxia Studio said:

- is it possible to place items in the world without using claims?

No, there is no such functionality out of the box, and you would have to code it

4 hours ago, Doxia Studio said:

- The players have to place items in the world, can it be done without the building system?

I think it's the same question as to the previous one, but just rephrased, or maybe I'm not understanding it fully, but if it's the same, then there is no such option out of the box.

4 hours ago, Doxia Studio said:

- Can we give or delete items from player inventory by script?

Player items are stored in two tables, and you can of course alter them, one of them is in a blob type, the second one is more accessible. So, creating such a script would be possible, but it's not available out of the box.

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