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Negative Numbers in database?


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I had inquired a long time ago about allowing negative numbers in the database and I was told it was coming in a later build but I have not seen it in the list yet.  I am wondering because I was trying to have negative effects but entering negative numbers into the editor for items and skills but was told the database didn't allow negative numbers.  Has this been resolved to where we can use negative numbers yet?

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It's because stats shouldn't be negative, and there weren't handle properly before, so if you had a damage with negative value, then you would start to heal the enemy, so it wouldn't work as it should. These things are not hard, but keep in mind that Atavism has over 400k lines of code right now :) and there are a lot of things that could be improved. Like in any MMO there is always room to improve, multiply it by X where Atavism is designed with the most configurability in mind and not for a specific game and logic.

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