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Black Friday is coming


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Now a days I use Unity less, my kids use it more... since I retired from the client, studio life, so I no longer work with Atavism as I once did. I had two clients that used it over the years..  I use Unreal in the past and for a current project so Unity don't interest me as much, but to teach the little ones.



So I bought a copy years back , I also bought upgrades to support you Martin, as you are doing a great thing for small companies, new users, and many others..   So I thought I may update my account as I did last year come Black Friday...  but I would like to know, are you guys ever going to add range stuff ?   I plan to in time let my kids use it for learning as well.. Main reason I would upgrade it, but I know we always hear range will come, I had clients that where always asking about it and others, but we never seen it. So I was wondering is it ever going to come? in the next year atleast even if its super basic... something .  I know there kinda is something, I seen it, but its near useless as it stands, I had to recode it for a client years back.. it was a bit of work.  I don't have that time anymore to do that, so it would be great to have something there for teaching the little ones as they break into the industry..




By the way thanks for refactoring the code, its alot better now a days than in the past.   I have not looked at it in awhile until recent, it looks alot better.   



PS: I have not been on your Discord in well over a year, so I tend to come here for updates and your site sends me updates, so please keep doing that, other wise, alot of us, would never know what is going on.. 



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Hello, long time no see, but I'm glad you wrote here. Thank you for your continuing support. Teaching kids by playing with some tech is really nice. I do it myself 

As for the range thing. We are going to release X.7 version soon with new AI improvements or rather a totally new AI system that will be really flexible and should also let you handle boss fights, etc.

Further combat improvements, including soft, hard hits, and more action combat ones are planned for the next X.8 release. There will be some nice improvements for leveling, enchanting, and item sets these things are on the roadmap, but also more about combat like switching between weapons, combos, raycasts checks for abilities, and much more. We are preparing the list for the X.8 and it's already pretty long.

There are also some other elements on the way like support for the newest Java 17 LTS, service discovery, or an agent for managing the Atavism server. Also, we are working on the new apanel where you will be able to vote for new features and have more impact on elements that will be developed, set some notifications about licenses, regenerate license keys, manage your server infrastructure by accessing atavism agents, but also handle tickets, and much much more.

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