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top 5 things?

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So - I am curious; what are the top 5 things folks want to know/have? I'll start.


  • HOWTO - Creating a whole new race in UMA; something non-human based, like a Centaur Player
  • CODE - Guilds. - I am working on this, but its def. something I want.
  • CODE - Ghostrunning - from graveyard to corpse.
  • HOWTO - Morph - like a dual-race (Werewolf or werechicken)
  • CODE - a better System Options menu / more granular control (Gamma, volume, resolution, etc) - the Unity one is so obvious, and not very much control.. maybe this is not code - maybe its actually a HOWTO?


Maybe is we can find a crossection of interests, we can get this stuff together ourselves and contribute back.

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  • I agree with auction house!
  • A way to display when an npc has a quest would be nice.
  • I've tried digging into that myself and could only switch from exclamation point to making it go away. I'll look more into it once i get past all the bugs i have already.

  • A bank/storage system i'd love to see implemented.
  • A Message displayed to other players when a player logs in and out.
  • I wan't to learn how to code more (Only been using unity for year)



CODE - Ghostrunning - from graveyard to corpse.

I started working on this today.

Progress I've made is when the player dies and clicks spirit turns the screen to grayscale giving the gloomy illusion. Then the player can walk into a cemetery/graveyard and be automatically resurrected and the gloom goes away.


I will try to make the character glowing or more transparent as well. Not sure how much detail your looking for to have a Ghostrunning addition?

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I would say NavMesh, all the features, bells and whistles wont amount to much if NPC/MOBS arent able to properly move around in a scene and players get frustrated because mobs get stuck or appear to be in one spot clientside while the server has it in another.


I love unity builtin navigation agent, allows for very complex npc movements including but not limited to multi level scenes i.e. stairs, platforms etc...


I think for me personally it would be nice just to even have obstacle avoidance i.e. npc able to find and navigate paths around fences, trees just general static objects in a scenes with Atavism.


Simple example, place a fence in a scene (long enough) spawn monsters on one side then agro them and run to the other side of the fence, you will then start to realize how they will either get stuck on the fence or magically appear in front of you as if they teleported.



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AI!!! Im grateful to have the spawner that i have.. but the spawner is so general..


Need to have a spawner that has...


Boss Spawner

The ability to make spawner mobs fear when they attack

wave spawner

Random spawner to choose from a list of mobs...

oh and one more thing.. a spawner that will seek out players... or an item in game... that has a heat map

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