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Suggestion: Character Names


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Hello everyone! Been quite a while since i've been in here. Firstly, I am very excited about the new leadership of Atavism, and hope this will bring Atavism to its fullest potential.

My suggestion/request is being able to have more than one word in your name. In the current setup, you can only have one word in a name (ex. Tom). This just isn't working for me or my game, I want to allow my players to have multiple worded names, such as "Tom Smith The First", not just one name. It would also be really nice if there were allowed to be more than one of the same name. So we could have multiple "Bob" running around our game. My guess for the names is that Atavism uses the name for referring that player, rather than the player's unique ID (correct me if i'm wrong). So if this is the case, it would require referring to player's by their ID rather than name for this to work.

Really, the main reason I am suggesting allowing multiple players with the same name is because I plan to have my game be family friendly, and want all names to be approved before being shown to everyone else, and until their name is approved, it will display a preset name (such as "newplayer" or "notyetapproved" just for examples). I would be able to implement this myself if multiple players were allowed to have the same name.

To me, this is something huge that Atavism lacks that should be addressed sooner than later. It would be extremely appreciated by myself, and i'm sure many other players. I understand there are more important things to tackle right now such as bug fixes, but this is just a suggestion by me to be implemented whenever possible. 


Thanks :)

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We are glad that people are coming back over time, it's a good sign.

About world name we will look into it, I think it's possible, but our draft of roadmap is most about fixing all issues and make Atavism more friendly, You will see how we will be able to achieve it pretty soon.

I'm pretty sure that all is going based on user id or rather character id, but still imagine that You want to send whisper to someone or send invitation to someone, will You want to write on chat something like /invite Bob or /invite 22212312333421212 ?

I think first option is more user friendly and that is the reason why names must be unique, because of such situation same for guild invitation, group invitation, whisper etc.

You can always randomize that character name like most games do, for example notyetapproved_xxxxxxx where xxxxxxx would be random value.

Welcome back POTGSAtavism

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Thank you for your reply!

I do see what you are saying with the "/invite 22212312333421212". However, I will most likely not be utilizing that command in my game, I will probably custom program it in where they can send invites by clicking on the respective option when clicking on the player. 

I am mainly more worried about allowing my player namers to have more than one word names (ex. Bob Smith). I only suggested allowing multiple players to have the same name for the heck of it. I really want to allow my characters to have more than one word names, as the one word is far too basic, and can't think of any game out there that restricts you to only having a one word character name. 

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We will asset what we can do, but right now we are heading to release and then our priority will be fixes. During the process we will start preparing new features. Such naming method shouldn't be a problem, but we need to check that.

About naming convention in most MMO games I think there is a limitation to one name without special characters including spaces but of course I also know few where You can place name whatever You want, but still it has to be unique. If You won't handle such invitation and other things from distance but only on action on click or something like that, then one thing is left, whisper on chat, You are going to forbid it ? if not, then there is no other way o handle that.

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In some games, the first name is unique and used for things like PMs or whispers. The second name does not have to be unique and usually there is a second box for it. In some cases, a name generator is included.

I am hoping for a way to have first and last name at the very least. :)

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