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Unistorm plugin?


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I know a few of you use or have used Unistorm in your projects. So I am asking, has anyone made a plugin for unistorm to sync weather across the server? So all new players will spawn into the world and the weather will be in sync with the players already online? So basically all players will have the same weather, and same time of day. 

If any of you have made a plugin for this, do you mind sharing it or how you went about this? 


Thanks in advance.

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Glad to see you back Captain!!  Very good feeling to have some of the experienced programmers back.  Ive been on here almost 2 yrs and this has been the most traffic ive seen!!  I cant wait for the Unistorm Plugin. I copied most of the code you posted while back for it but I think I missed some of it. Glad your willing to help!!!

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