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Getting a list of online players?


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Hello and Happy Holidays!

I am wondering if anybody knows of a way to get a list of online players, or where this could be stored in the database, like if each character has an online field that is either marked 0 or 1, and where that would be stored. I am building a control panel for my game (a website, in PHP), and it will have a moderation section. I am connecting to my website database as well as my game databases to do certain operations, and one of the things I need to do is fetch a list of current online players for my moderation section. Anyone know of how I can do this?

I know where it stores how many players are online, but I need to know which players are online. Please keep in mind, I am doing this in a website, so I am using PHP with MySQL. 


Thanks in advance!

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Well, kind of both. I basically want to see a list of all characters that are online, and their name, as well as the account username associated with them. I would also want to get things such as their current location (instance). I am mainly looking for if this is stored in one of the databases somewhere, as the first method. If this isn't stored in the database, I am open to anything else, remember I am using this for web based using PHP. 

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Generally You can find player actions in admin database in data_logs table where You can find data_name field with value PLAYER_LOGGED_IN_EVENT, so if someones last status is PLAYER_LOGGED_IN_EVENT then he is online, of course based on that table You can also prepare reports how many player were online and when.

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