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Instance Creation ver10.1.0X


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When Making new instances, it seems there are a few important steps not mentioned in the tutorial.  Here's a few things that might help those that are trying to figure this out.


BEFORE YOU START BUILDING A NEW INSTANCE - Creating an Empty scene and building it will not work out of the box. You must include the "Canvas Objects" From the "BlankAtavismScene"!!

  • Go to Assets > Dragonsan > Scenes > and locate "BlankAtavismScene"
  • Press "Ctrl-D" to Duplicate the Scene.
  • Rename the Scene (be SPECIFIC)
  • Add the scene you just created to the "Build Scenes"  "File > Build Settings > Build Scenes > Add your new scene drag and drop in window"
  • Save the Scene and Save the Project (With the New Instance / Scene you just created)
  • Open Atavism Editor
  • Follow the Tutorial (Listed Below it's the same procedure) 
    • When Creating - Be Sure to name the "New Instance" Identical to "Scene you just created" and Identical to "Scene Added to - Build List"
    • Copy and Paste the Name (Or the Scene manager will throw an error if it's misspelled and Unity will stop)
    • No Blank spaces.. it's the not the same as saying "UnityScene1 = UnityScene1" and "Unity Scene 1 != UnityScene1" STRING NAMES MATTER!
    • Save the Project, Save the Scene - Restart your server.


Alternatively - Advanced Method

  Load the "BlankAtavismScene"

  • Assets > Dragonsan > Scenes create a "new folder"
  • rename the folder to "Canvas Assets to include in all new instances"
  • In the Editor > Scene > Objects,  Drag these 5 items Into the new folder.
    • Canvas
    • EventSystem
    • MainCamera
    • MiniMap
    • WorldBoundary
  • When creating or adding a "New Scene" to your project be sure to include these in Every Scene you create/add.  (I'd stick with the 1st method.)
  • (** Disclosure - You will need to change the "minimap" settings for each scene using this method)


***Atavism compares the build scene in the list  and the "interactive Object you create"  by "string name". So if you're adding an "Instance or scene" add it to the build menu and make sure it has the same name on the server (When you save and restart the server)



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Found what I was looking for.
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So far it's so much more than what I expected, I have watched many of the video's that are out there. (almost like TV marathon) It contains a lot of information on how everything works. It's fairly simple to figure out as far as what you want to do. There isn't much that's not covered. The underwater was a hard one to find (If you remember Serpent Shrine Caverns..) Swimming and underwater will be a must have ( I did find it ) 

as playable races I've managed to get implemented into Atavism;

Angels - Demons - Elves - Dwarves - Minotaur - Centaur - Fairy - Barbarian - Orc (not the UMA) -  Humans - Goblins and Undead. The biggest thing I am running into is the Time it's taking to place the bones and rotations... add them all, log in rotate them reposition etc... write down the values (I do all of them for each character at one time instead of logging in and out 100 times...) then updating the prefabs.  Then I am Exporting them with dependencies as solo character packs - Male and Female to the NAS. If I want to start over all that will be done already - re-import them, link up the manager.. Save a ton of time if something goes awry. I haven't even gotten to the Armor overlay process yet. With custom Models, that should be interesting!

The Challenger Animations that are default in the project - replaced them with Animations I've been using and the results are quite amazing. I tried to use the Challenger Animator/animations on the character I put in and she was running around bowlegged quite comical.. Definitely not the result I was expecting HAHA!

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