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UMA Fantasy Races Pre Sells go live today


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Introducing UMA Fantasy Races from Art for Indies


The UMA Fantasy Races is the fast way to do customizable characters. Regardless if you need an npc, a player race or a villain these character packs are for you! With the UMA Humanoid DNA system you get tweak-able values to adjust anything from height to ear rotation, giving you virtually infinite amount of customization options.  Quickly populate a racial city or a dungeon with the race you chose.



All UMA Fantasy Races include both male and female models so player characters are possible in a easy fashion.


Built to use the atavism UMA system you can change there gear weapons and armor to make different npcs and mobs in a flash. From Dark Elven under ground city’s to Dwarven mines uses the races from UMA Fantasy Races to fill out your world with professional looking art.


At this time we are offering pre sell's to make this more affordable for the inde dev teams these deals will go away apon release of the product. Pre sells can be bought at http://www.artforindies.com/.


During pre sells you can get one race for $40 that's only $20 a model, 20% saving from planed retail


or you can buy one of are 3 triple packs for $65 that's only $10.34 a model, 35% savings from planed retail


or you can buy the Mega Fantasy Character UMA Bundle for $150 that’s only $8.34 a model, 50% savings from planned retail


Races that are being made at this time







Dark Elf's

Grey Elf's

Wood Elf's


Are 3 triple pack bundle are

Evil Uma bundle

Including goblins orcs and trolls

Elf Uma bundle

Including Wood, Grey and Dark elf's

Short Earth bundle

' Including gnomes, Dwarfs, Halflings


The Mega bundle includes all 9 races that's 18 adjustable models.


Crowd funding your art bonuses


As a added bonus to Mega Bundle customer's if we hit 20 pre-sells before Oct 31st we will send out a 10% off future products coupon. If we hit 30 pre-sells before Oct 31st we will make it a 20% off coupon. If we hit the big goal of 40 presells we will let the mega bundle holders vote on a new race and it will be added for free to all the customers that preordered the mega bundle package.


Any question please feel free to ask.

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I have ordered these myself and can say that I am Way Excited for these models.

I had Sooms take a look at them and they will work with UMA off humanoid extensions.

Which means you can put human clothing on them as well as the animations!!!


The big part that sold me was the great craftsmanship in the models. I got a chance to see

some of the work and They Are Fantastic!!!


Just had to add that in, Sorry for hijacking your post.. lol

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I have never really used UMA that much so I don’t know how it works.


Can all these models be taken and used with UMA to stretch and adjust the character models look? Say to adjust the face of the dwarf for example.


Will there be hair, beards, horns, and thing like that?


Can the skin color be adjusted with UMA with these models?

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yes UMA allows you to adjust the characters appearance so with one dwarf you can have thousands of options. Look at something like Star Wars Galaxies character creation or Everquest two for examples of sliders in action or the UMA humans in atavism already.


No at this time we will not be doing hair as long as we hit 10 presells we will have the funds to add a hair artist to the team to start making hair packages for latter release. Also if sells stay up we will be doing multiple texture packs for the face like freckles scars and such.


Yes already in atavism you can adjust the skin color so it would work the same for these models.

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  • 1 month later...

we have some of the races in some testers hands there is a update in the uma code for the next release of atavism that makes adding are races easy and lets people with the multiracial kit do some serious changes. Dakora is one of are testers Ill ask him he can post with his honest thoughts. Some art work has changed and original screens shots should not be used for reference in fact going pull them down now hope start updating to current art next few days.


We Hope to have the final models ready to go with the atavism update with are uma code in it.

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Hi Ebolinux,

So I purchased the race pack and have been very excited to get this pack. The pack was going to release months ago but do to Uma vs old Uma vs Atavism... things had been pushed back. There was a point where I was asking for my money back because I felt it would never be released. Just being honest.


So as of Now I received 1 female Goblin and 1 female Dark Elf.

So here is my take on the Goblin experience.


I received a pack with all the goblin parts and was told that the parts would not be the finished product because parts were raw for testing.

I also received full video instructions. ( a first grader could put this together with how well the videos are made other then being out of sink at one point which I know they were working on.)


There was special coding that is put in that everyone will receive thanks to this project. ( force save for example ) = ( would be nice to say Thank you to Thomas and Andrew if you get a chance for this extra addon btw. even if you don't buy the pack you will get this.)


The Character came in and I was very surprised how nice she looked. I really didn't think I would like a Goblin but she looks very cool. shes about half the size of the humans which brings me to the next point.


all the code changes that you make have the ability like humans to adjust how big or small you want stuff. So its really your choice how you want your races to look.


So my world builder and I are very pleased with the goblin. Color tone and the look is fantastic as well as all our armor works perfect. Even the asset store stuff.


The Dark Elf I was excited to get because I like them. She looks very cool but we ran into a snag which Thomas is going to work on with Fernando ( guy who made Uma ). Her head is a different shade and something about the neck joint.


I made her smaller then what Thomas had because I think they should be smaller then Humans I know Female Dark Elves are bigger then Male.. Not sure if I will do that.. LOL.. Haha


Anyways.. Bottom line. This project in my opinion is like Atavism to be totally honest. Hes got a good product Its going to be great when its done. What I seen so far looks very good and very promising. Just like Atavism... Just taking longer then expected.


I wouldn't do this good of a job if I were to make them myself. If you were going to make your own races you really would just need to worry about the Heads and leave the bodies alone because you can re size them. I'm not sure on future models if the bodies will change but so far they do seem to use the same as the humans so its really the head and ears your paying for but again I don't know what is still to come out. Also the shading and stuff I don't know how much of the texture in the mesh I can really see. Where in a project with great shading and detail you might see more bumps and stuff on the skins.


In the end for as much work as all this is... Its a good price for what you get. I'm glad I didn't get my money back and am looking forward to the rest of the pack!



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Thanks you, Do you have links to pic s for these assets?


Nope just finishing them wont take new pics until they are shipped. Hopefully in next week or two. On shipping date we will sell the models for a price above per sells but under finial price. At this time finale Price is planed at $400



I assume the 0ct31 date was for Oct 31 this year and not next and you just missed the deadline, so when will they be available?


Yes we ended up making a lot of code changes so the race pack would easily plug into atavism and easy to modify them to are customers needs. Such things as customers being able to change slider ranges per race max and minimums per race using more then one uma DNA pattern. Also we took care to try make are stuff work with almost anything works with normal UMA humans. We are hoping to release in next week or two it all depends on how last minute things go.



Does it incluse any animations?


No animations are in pack all of the characters use mecanim and there are lots of animation packs out there for a price we can not compete with.


It does work with the current Atavisim and Atavism-UMA builds correct?


No this only works with Atavism-UMA (new code will be provided with art files and video to install, next update of atavism 2.3 will included the new uma files also so if you wait tell 2.3 you will not half to add files mainly) Think of it more as Lego blocks to make races you are not limited to the races in the pack. Watching the training video you will be able to mix and match items to start making extra races from the pack items.




Hope that answered your questions

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