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Suggestion for Roadmap


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I saw that groups are being implemented, I was wondering whether you could include an option for a instance group such as the following example:


When a player is at a instance that leads to a quest related temporary instance that only a small amount of players can enter. Players should be able to enter a specific instance with the specified players in their group.


On the instance group window, there are several controls for the leader to use. One is a green button that says go, and can only be used by the leader of the instance group. If pressed, all players in the instance group will enter the instance at once.


Here is a visual from an already existing game:


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That look more a costome option for your game than a General feature. Personally i dont need something like that and i dont whant it, i think you better code it yourself you gonna save a lot of time cause i think guild systeme and other ''Basic MMO System'' will come beford.



Dude? why is all your responses so negative and rude? Seriously..

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is world streamer able to be used for the 2.6 atavism version?


nop .


atavism is grate kit tho for wherry small maps not open worlds


Small maps like that is more like RPG then mmo


the bigger map u make the lower resolution gets and grater Floating point error


i tested sector stream dont got Floating point error fix system like world streamer


in my opinion world stream should be priority one for ATAVISM Devs .when i play on mmos like Archeage , WoW , EVE online the all got that Floating point error fix system and not only mmos got that DayZ , H1Z1 , Battlefield 4 , Rust runs on Unity5.



i cross my fingers in hope of next there update the add Floating point error fix system like in world streamer.

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The all got this no matter if is big or small more sectors of scene you got the greater objects and greater resolution of Terrains RTP and textures u can get


and LOD cant fix that i got ower 90000 objects LOD most got to 0% tho lagg happens


tho if you split terrain in smaller chanks sectors scenes fix that problem



all i can say when you add to mach unity editor crash not only game ur ram can go up to 24gb like my per map if is not split in scenes, tho when you split in scenes you dont wanna loss open world and se loading screen all time


and Chasle where do you se info Unity version 5.7 can you linket

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Try Asherons call, if you want a open world, you can run, and where you want, over the world without loading zone.

See below the size map to compare.



Asherons Call use only loading scene for dungeon.


i agree and Atavism needs to move towards this.



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I also need to write something about that now here.


Atavism needs more time to improve all features and fix them and get it done.


After that i think it is possible to think about a very large world.


Doesnt make sence with a few features of an engine to design and world like in WoW or something.


The devs need to focus on the engine and base stuff first.

Also Ashbury (ChaosPLugin) makes a lot of stuff and he will also take a look into large worlds.

But thats no priority for them and also for me and many other users.


I see a lot of forum treads about that stuff of Streaming big Worlds.


Until unity doesnt fix the floating physics issue atavism needed to be rewriten which means again change a lot and this is not a good idea.



Sorry to be not so positive here but i hope you guys will understand this now a bit more :)


It will be possible for sure but not on the actual stage. And when unity fixes it in 5.5 or 5.7 then lets go without doing weeks or months on work to change to something which will be fixed and is not so far away :)


And 15kmx15km works acutally i think unitl June/juli Unity fix it would be enough to start or not?^^

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